88 Ton Amada RG-8024LD (Stock #1853)

88 Ton Amada RG-8024LD (Stock #1853)

88 Ton Amada RG-8024LD Summary

For sale is a 88 Ton Amada. The model of this machine is RG-8024LD. It was manufactured by Amada in 2000.

88 Ton Amada RG-8024LD Specifications

Stock Number 1853
Model RG-8024LD
Capacity 88 Tons
Length of Bed 98.6″
Distance Between Housings 80.7″
Dimensions 102″ x 59″W x 81″H
Open Height 14.57″
Stroke 3.94″
Throat Dept 15.75″
Fast Approach Speed (Approx) 142 IPM
Slow Bend Speed (Approx) 26 IPM
Fast Return Speed (Approx) 122 IPM
Weight (Approx.) 11,700 lbs.

88 Ton Amada RG-8024LD Pictures

88 Ton Amada RG-8024LD Special Information

Manufactured in 2001 and is equipped with LD 2-Axis Control, and Available Books and Manuals

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