Soaring through the Aerospace Technology and Machinery
The Aerospace industry is challenging and demanding. There are diverse tools used to power and manufacture airplanes, satellites and rockets. What goes behind the construction of these super vehicles are innovative and efficient machines and technological innovations that are far from the common person’s knowledge or so it seems.
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Machines and 3D Printers
The Aerospace industry engineers use moulds as a way to make miniature prototypes and test the final product’s efficiency without having to shell out lots of money. They fashion the real parts, spacecrafts or instruments after they get the desired results. This is called prototyping. Prototyping uses SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) Machines which allows building highly complex prototypes great for testing at minimal cost. 3D Printers create faster and less costly concept models for a quick review of the products.
Computed Numerically Controlled (CNC) and High Speed Milling Machine
Creating and assembling the real pieces after the prototype testing is probably one of the most complicated tasks in Aerospace industry. There are different components to making a rocket ship or a satellite. It would need a lot of drilling and cutting of parts and other processes.
To make the production faster and easier, people in the Aerospace business make sure that they have automated drilling machines that do multiple works and are either human or robot controlled. Modern machines often combine multiple commands for milling tools into a single “cell” to make them work simultaneously. They do this by loading pre-programmed designs and commands from computer files into CNC machines and combine them with high speed machining for efficient and fast production.
A lot of machines are being invented and re-invented to keep up with its demands. Behind the innovation of these machines, Aerospace engineers and your regular day working people, strive to provide the finest value and solutions in this field.

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