Amada M-1232 Mechanical Shear (Stock #1466) [SOLD]

Amada M-1232 Mechanical Shear Summary

For sale is Amada M-1232 Mechanical Shear.  The model of this machine is M-1232.  It was manufactured by Amada in 1978.

Amada M-1232 Mechanical Shear Specifications

Stock Number 1466
Model M-1232
Year Built 1978
Capacity (MS) 10 Gauge
Maximum Cutting Length 49.4″
Rake Angle One Degree/18′
Speed 37 SPM
Back Gauge Range .4″-27.5″
Main Motor 7.5HP
Weight (approx.) 5,000 LBS

Amada M-1232 Mechanical Shear Pictures

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