Amada – The Leader of High Quality Tools and in the Manufacturing Industry

Amada is a manufacturing company dealing primarily in the sale, leasing, repair, maintenance and inspection of machinery and mechanical equipment such as laser machines, press brakes, bending robots and shirring. The Amada Company has a total of 69 subsidiaries and six associated companies.
Amada has gained a high reputation as the world’s largest manufacturer of profile grinding machines with its ultra-precision machines. With a level of construction of high quality materials, it is no wonder that customers would prefer to buy from this market leader. In addition to this tools, this company also develops factory automation systems and electronic equipment. Amada’s products are used in many fields such as auto, computer, camera and electric appliance industries.
Amada has always been committed to provide the best quality service to the manufacturing industry and they have proven this once again by opening the North American Solution Center. Amada’s majestic designed facility promotes benefit in the latest advances in machine technologies as well as fabrications. Likewise, profitable technologies operating in real time can also be observed. This high-tech global class campus aims to become the venue for gaining insight into the latest technologies, access to advanced engineering and innovations and the resource for technical training and research.
The peripheral equipment, machinery and software serve as much more than mere exhibits in the new Amada Solution Center. These tools provide most of the solutions for your high quality tool problems and for a wide range of manufacturing challenges, all of these results for Amada to become the single source provider in the industry of manufacturing.
This solution center also includes, Manufacturing Verification Center. This is an innovation of the old time verification machine such as Virtual Prototype Simulation System (VPSS). This is a system created by the efforts, hard work and thorough analysis of customers’ total manufacturing process. Amada Solution Center also has its room for presentations and proposals (P&P) which features an SE studio for panel discussions, meetings and analytical evaluation of successful VPSS case studies. The SE and P&P room provides for the ongoing development of new manufacturing methods and the exploration for advanced technical trends.
Another feature of this campus is the laser technical center. It is a system where you can find specific answers to your questions and receive support before, during and after the sale process.
So if you want to find the optimal solution to your specific manufacturing needs, then the Amada Solution Center will give you the answers. Amada’s dedication to manufacturing excellence plus its world class quality machinery has earned it worldwide recognition as the leader in the manufacturing industry.

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