Brother TC-324N CNC Drill/Tap Center (Stock #1509) [SOLD]

Brother TC-324N CNC Drill/Tap Center Summary

For sale is a Brother TC-324N CNC Drill/Tap Center. The model of this machine is TC-324N. It was manufactured by in Brother in 1996.

Included with the machine are: Brother Control, Rotary Pallet Changer, Hydraulic Fixtures on Table, Available Books and Manuals.

Brother TC-324N CNC Drill/Tap Center Specifications

Stock Number 1509
Model TC-324N
Year Built 1996
TravelsĀ  X-Axis 16.5″
Travels Y-Axis 12.6″
Travels Z-Axis 10.2″
Table Size 19.7″ x 11.8″
Spindle Speed 10-10,000 RPM
Spindle Taper CAT 30
Rapid Traverse 1,181 x 1,181 x 1,181
Tooling Storage Capacity 10 Tools
Tool Change Time
Tool to Tool 1.2 SEC
Chip to Chip 2.3 SEC

Brother TC-324N CNC Drill/Tap Center Pictures

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