Haas Automation – The Market Leader in CNC Machine Tools

Haas Automation is one of the largest CNC machine tool builders in the world. It was founded in 1983 by Gene Haas. Haas Automation manufactures CNC or computer numerical control vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, rotary tables and 5C indexers. Haas Automation headquarters are in Oxford, California. Haas Automation has sales outlets all over the world but all corporate offices and manufacturing plants are in Oxnard, California.
Haas machinery is one of the leading companies for CNC machineries. Haas Automation’s vision is to provide a top rated service in CNC machining while some companies are endorsing sourced products in China and low cost European companies.
Not many CNC machine tool builders can claim to be the largest in the Western World, but Haas can. Haas has a complete line of both horizontal and vertical machining centers as well as in CNC lathes and rotary tables. Unprecedented accuracy, durability, and repeatability are the best known characteristics of Haas. They are not only known for carrying a variety of different full featured machining tools, but they also have the reputation of creating tools to the exact specifications that a firm may require.
With the development of time and technology, there are more and more equipment being used in milling machine industry. For business to prosper, each company should demonstrate a fast and excellent service.
A normal milling machine cannot cope with a good deal of complex productions. You just have to kick your milling up a notch to have a low breakage rate and high efficacy. With the CNC machine, you will meet the demands of faster production and quality goods.
At present, most of factories that are into drilling, milling and arising need the help of a combination of milling machines, water jets and horizontal working center. However, there are many glitches related to these such as low speed, poor accuracy or high breakage rate. In view of these problems coupled with today’s latest trend of equipment for glass processing and industry leadres’ experience, Haas spent 7 years, developing a perfect solution through the CNC machine tool and vertical drilling machines. For this reason, a lot of companies all over the world are enjoying the quality machines Haas provides to its clientele.

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