Introduction to Fabrication and Metal Forming

Fabrication and metal forming are two manufacturing processes which shape and form metal. Fabrication is defined as the construction of buildings and structures through cutting, welding and assembling of raw materials. Fabrication is done in the so called “fab shop” of contractors whose projects include structural frames for buildings and heavy equipment, stairs and hand railings. Some of the raw materials used in fabrication are plate metal, welding wires, hardware and castings.
In cutting, shearing is the best way to cut the material. Band saws are used which have fortified blade and which have a mechanism for equal cutting. Also, cutting torches could be utilized to cut huge parts of a steel metal. Plasma and laser cutting and water jet cutters are also common in the cutting process. Forming use the hydraulic brake presses which are the best tools for such tasks although occasionally wing brakes are also used.
The primary focus of steel fabrication can be seen in the process of welding. In this process, the machined parts are assembled and evaluated for accuracy. Steel weldments are straightened up using oxy-acetylene torch. Upon applying heat, the welder makes sure that it is in a slow and linear process. Subsequently, these are sand-blasted as soon as the weldments are cooled off.
Metal forming, on the other hand, is a process in which parts are fabricate from metal stock. In addition to that, metal forming involves the process of changing the shape of a metal. It would be categorized to mechanical working, powder and fiber metal forming and casting.
Extrusion is a type of mechanical working. It is a process in which a material is pushed through a die of the coveted cross-section. Metals, ceramics and polymers are just some of the extruded materials. Rolling is another kind of mechanical working where metal is passed through a pair of rollers. Casting is a process by which a liquid substance is poured over a mold then allowed to cool off and solidify.

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