Mitsubishi LXP-2512 CNC Laser (Stock #1508) [SOLD]

Mitsubishi LXP-2512 CNC Laser Summary

For sale is a Mitsubishi LXP-2512 CNC Laser.  The model of this machine is LXP-2512. It was manufactured by Mitsubishi in 2000.

Included with the machine are: Mitsubishi 32 Bit CNC Control, Mitsubishi ML5036D 3600/5000 Watt Resonator, Dual Pallet Shuttle Tables5″ x 7.5″ Cutting Heads, High Pressure Assist Cutting, Beam Optimizer, Chiller UnitAll Available Books and Manuals.

Mitsubishi LXP-2512 CNC Laser  Specifications

Stock Number 1508
Model LXP-2512
Year Built 2000
Machine Positioning Design Flying Optic
Laser Resonator Mitsubishi
Maximum Laser Capacity 3600 (5000)
Maximum Y Axis Travel 98″
Maximum X Axis Travel 48″
Maximum Z Axis Travel 3,9″,519,6
Number of Tables 2
Type of Control Mitsubishi 32 Bit
Rapid Traverse Rate 2363 IPM
Automatic Sheet Repositioning No
Approx. Weight 25,000 LBS

Mitsubishi LXP-2512 CNC Laser  Pictures

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