Mori Seiki: Becoming the Number One Machine Tool Manufacturer for Customers

In the world of industry, efficiency does not only pertain to how well your manpower does the job, it also refers to how fast your machines are. As the world of innovation grows, people’s demands also increase with it.
The clamour for high precision and high speed machinery is increasing without limits. People want faster and more efficient machinery that can produce tremendous outputs without any depreciation in the outputs’ quality. They want tools that can respond and aid them with accuracy.
The Mori Seiki is committed to the research and development to meet those demands with unlimited possibilities. They focus on designing innovative machines and software to provide the highest levels of value and productivity. They are the leading manufacturers of cutting machine tools. Mori Seiki offers a wide variety of machines well suited for high-volume, agile and integrated production at very minimal cost of parts.
The Mori Seiki’s extensive line of ground breaking machines includes the CNC lathes which meet any kind of turning jobs. It features high-performing and precision cutting from micro-finishing to hard-turning shaft and flange work pieces. Another one is their NL Series which feature next generation lathes. They even coined this product as “…can do whatever you need.”
The Mori Seiki’s innovation extends to milling machines that are used to create very complex or simple products. The NV series boasts of vertical milling machines that can cut with unparalleled ease.
Among Mori Seiki’s award winning products include the NT1000 high-precision, high-efficiency integrated mill turn center and the High-Precision, 5-Axis Control Vertical Machining Center NMV8000 DCG to name a few. They have over 200 models of machinery that maximize their customer’s equipment, providing them the right machine for whatever workpiece they require.
The Mori Seiki Brand is the perfect example of innovation meeting the demands of a growing industry, creating a history of originality and challenge.

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