Most Popular Metalworking Devices

There are numerous metalworking devices that are used in machine works. Since metalwork involves a number of processes – forming, machining, cutting, and joining – there are also corresponding different and popular metalworking devices used for each process to carry out the tasks.

Among the many metalworking devices is the milling machine. This machine is used to process solid materials and could be manually controlled or mechanically operated. Milling machines work by holding the material against a revolving cutter which subsequently cuts on its sides and tips. Moreover, milling machine can do a wide array of operations such as drilling, planing, rebating or cutting. Types of milling machine include end mill, slot drill and slab mills.

Another popular metalworking device is the lathe. A lathe contains a cylindrical workpiece that rotates along its axis to remove and form and workpiece into a particular shape. Metalworking lathe tools are quite capable of producing accurate dimensions of one-one-thousandth of an inch. Headstock, carriage and the tailstock are the major components of lathes. Operations involved with the use of lathes are parting, threading, chamfering, knurling, etc. Furthermore, CNC controlled lathe could perform secondary operations like milling with the aid of driven devices. Manually operated metalworking lathe tools are also available.

The grinding machine is another well known metalworking device. This machine is used for creating fine finishes and producing light cuts with the use of the abrasive wheel as its cutting tool. The basic type of grinder is the bench grinder which is used for cutting metal with a zip-disc.

The file has grown quite popular among the many popular metalworking devices. This device is used to cut fine quantity of a material from the workpiece. File could be of any size, shape or cut. Its cross section could be round, flat or knife-edged. The common shapes of file include joint round edge files, pippin files and square files.

The hand tools are another kind of metalworking device that are pretty much widely used. A slapper is one of the metalworking hand tools which are used to shrink or adjoin the panel without leaving irregular traces. A slapper is way better than a hammer since it manipulates the surface more with each strike. Dollies are used for planishing and shrinking. Files and rasps are tools to create a smooth finish for various materials. Snips and shears on the other hand are used for cutting metals.

Tools have always been a man’s companion since the dawn of time. From roughly hewn stone tools to the modern and much more complicated tools and metalworking devices, men and women today are reaping the benefits of  the tools that make our jobs and our lives a lot easier.

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