Most Used Fabrication Tools

Shaping, Cutting and Bending, Fabrication Style!

A machine tool is usually created to fabricate metal components of machines by selective removal of metal process called machining. One of the popular innovations is the Fabrication Tool. No it’s not about using fabrics nor fabricating a lie. It is using a Fabrication Tool to shape, shear, cut and assemble components from raw materials like metal, steel and aluminum alloy. Here are some of the most used Fabrication Tools.
Plasma Cutters
Plasma cutting refers to the cutting of steel and other metals of varied thickness with the use of a plasma torch. A plasma torch is hot enough to melt metal and at the same time can move fast enough to blow the liquefied metal away from the cut. This sub-fabrication tool is widely used because it is simple, accurate and time efficient. Can you imagine shaping and cutting through thick matter to make an airplane wing with just a saw? Plasma Cutters are the innovations that get the job done with speed and efficiency.
CNC Lasers

Another efficient way to fabricate or cut metals is through laser cutting. Laser cutting uses a mirror to reflect light and aims with precision towards any direction you choose it to. CNC is a control system in which numerical values corresponding to desired tool or control positions are generated by a computer. The calculations are programmed in the computer system and the laser bean light moves over the surface of the metal, cutting the desired shape. So in combining both their accuracy and precision, it is no wonder that more welders, engineers and even office workers cut through paper, plastic, aluminium alloy (and almost everything else) with this Fabrication Tool.
Plate Rolls

Fabrication does not always mean cutting. Fabrication tools can also be used to manipulate steel, metal or any of its known elements and bend them into different shapes and sizes. Plate rolls manipulate and alter metal into arcs, cones or cylinder shapes. These huge manufactured products are usually used in Aerospace industry to build rockets or planes and air shuttles. Even in structural art, Plate Rolls make it easier for artists to bend their chosen material.
The Fabrication tools have different categories with distinct uses. Fabrication, in industry, comprises of varied metalwork specialties like welding, tubing, blacksmithing and ironworks. It is no surprise that Fabrication Tools are a staple in the world of industry.

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