Parr 5 Axis Waterjet (Stock # 1554) [SOLD]

Parr 5 Axis Waterjet Summary

For sale is a Parr 5 Axis Waterjet. The model of this machine is Vector. It was manufactured by Parr in 2005.

Included with the machine are: Cimroc 5/21 Control, KMT Streamline V 50 HP Intensifier Pump, Teach Pendant and All Available books and Manuals.

**1600 hours on the machine, IPUP, very clean.

Parr 5 Axis Waterjet Specifications

Stock Number 1554
Model Vector
Year Built 2005
Maximum Sheet Thickness 3/4″
X-Axis Travel 120″
Y-Axis Travel 74″
Z-Axis Travel 36″
W-Axis 185 Degrees
U-Axis 105 Degrees
Intensifier HP 50 HP
Intensifier PSI 60,000 PSI

Parr 5 Axis Waterjet Pictures

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