Plant Support Machinery

As the name suggest, the plant support machinery are equipment that support the more specialized operation in an industrial plant. They are not the main machines, but plant support machinery play a vital part that allow operations to be completed.  Whether to lift finish products from the assembly line to storage, clean-up the working area or create cartons or crates where the finished product will be stored, there is always a plant support machine that does the work.

Surprisingly, these machines are quite familiar to you and me. Examples of which are the following:

The air compressor is a machine that increases the pressure of air by increasing its density and delivering the fluid against the connected system resistance on the discharge side.

The boiler is a machine that is used to generate steam. It is made of up two major parts namely the furnace and the boiler proper. The furnace provides the heat, while the boiler proper converts the water into steam through the heat generated by the furnace.

The air spray gun is used in spray painting or coloring a surface using a spraying a device instead of the usual paint brush.  Air spray gun utilizes compressed gas to discharge the pain particles from the sprayer onto the surface being painted.  The basic parts of the air spray gun are the nozzle, paint basin and air compressor.

The air spray gun is the offspring of the paint brush. The technology for air spray gun came about the surfaces needing pain have become larger and the time required to finish the activity has become shorter.

The industrial floor cleaning machines are advanced floor cleaning equipment that are easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain. These are for tough industrial cleaning needs. The sweepers, vacuum cleaners, scrubbers and pressure washers fall under this category.

A forklift is a powered industrial truck used to lift and transport materials and is an indispensable piece of equipment in manufacturing and warehousing operations.

A crane is an equipment used to lift or lower objects that are beyond lifting by use of sheer manpower, usually towards a horizontal direction. It is a combination of several simple machines such as the level and the wheel. The crane is commonly used in industries related to freight, construction and manufacturing of heavy equipment.

These are just few of plant support machinery around you. The good news is, if you are tight on the budget, there are second hand plant support machinery that are available to meet your needs.

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