Press Breaks and Shears: Understanding the Uses and Types of Press Breaks and Shears

Press breaks and shears are examples of fabricating tools.

Fabrication tools, in industrial terms, are used for cutting, shaping and assembling components of materials such as metal. Fabrication tools could be a basic hand tool to the most complex machines used by large industrial firms. Nevertheless, each of these tools falls on the same basic concept of fabricating.
A press brake is used for bending sheet and plate material. Mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and servo-electric are the various types of brakes.
A mechanical press is used to apply an intense force to form, shape, or cut materials. It is also used for shearing or forming sheet metal. It is made out of structural frame, lower stationary base, and an upper ram that applies the force.
Pneumatic presses make use of air pressure to create a tonnage on the ram. Pneumatic and servo-electric machines are commonly used in lower tonnage applications. A hydraulic press uses one or more cylinders and fluid at an elevated pressure, to move a cylinder piston and produce the force. Similar to hydraulic press, pneumatic presses utilize pressurized air versus fluid. A back gauge or otherwise known as a backage is a device that is attached to a press brake. It is used to correctly position a piece of metal in order for the brake to properly place the bend.
Shears are used to shear sheet metal. By definition, shearing is to cut metal without burning or melting it. Sheet metals are generally the most sheared materials.
There are different types of shears. A bench shear is a bench mounted shear with a compound means of amplifying the mechanical advantage. In addition to that, it is used for cutting rough shapes out of medium sized pieces of sheet metal. A power shear is an electrically or pneumatically powered hand tool designed to blank huge sheets of metal. They are designed to cut straight lines as well as large radius curves. A throatless shear is a cutting tool utilized to make complex straight and curved cuts in sheet metal.
It is essential to know these various kinds of press breaks and shears. Each type serves a different purpose and knowing what specific tool you need is a definite advantage in searching for the best deal. It is quite easy to purchase press breaks and shears as there are a number of vendors and distributors of fabrication tools wherever you may be. The most accessible and convenient place to shop, however, is the World Wide Web.
There are numerous companies over the web that sells fabrication tools and even used machineries. Make sure though to choose a seller that offers you with all the necessary information about their products. It is vital that the seller works hand in hand with you in choosing the machine until the moment you purchase it.
Press breaks and shears are helpful tools for industrial works. Purchasing such fabrication tools should be given high regard since the quality of work and result will also depend on the quality of the tool you are using.

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