Presses and Pumps and How to Properly Maintain Them

Presses and pumps are both important machines in the industry. These are of different kinds though but are designed to continually aid us human on carrying out our mechanical and industrial works.
A machine press or press is a machine tool that manipulates the shape of a work piece. There are various types of presses. Hydraulic press is a type of press machine that uses a hydraulic mechanism for utilizing a massive lifting. An arbor press, on the other hand, is used to do smaller machine works such as skating, riveting, installing, etc. A forging press reshapes the work piece into a three dimensional object including its internal structure. Another type is the press brake which bends sheet metal into shape.
Pumps are a device used to move fluids or gases. There are numerous kinds of pumps. A positive displacement pump is a type of pump that causes a fluid to move by trapping a fixed amount of it, subsequently displacing that trapped volume into the discharge pipe. Moreover, a hydraulic ram is a water pump that serves as a hydraulic transformer that absorbs water at one “hydraulic head” and flow-rate, and outputs water at a higher hydraulic-head and lower flow-rate. In addition to that, another type is the gravity pump which uses downhill flow to take in water from far-underground aquifers in high areas to distribute to consumers at lower sections.
Proper maintenance of presses and pumps is necessary and essential for them to continually help us with our various industrial works. It is moreover vital to keep these machines in good condition to increase its longevity. Purchasing new ones require time and effort not to mention costly. Thus, proper maintenance is the crucial to altogether avoid buying a new machine. So how do you maintain presses and pumps and keep in them in good working condition?
Basically, regular checking is the initial step towards proper maintenance. This is important to assess if there are any defects or there is a need for repair. You’ll never know when a machine would cause you a downturn hence regular maintenance checking is the key to avoid worse damages in the future.
Likewise, efficiency of these machines should be a top priority. Lubrication of the gears especially of presses is important. You could use graphite or paste wax in lubricating the gears. Presses could also be upgraded for smoother and more efficient operation. This is possible through the replacement and installation of the electrical controls of your press machine with a completely new control package which is specifically designed for your press’ application.
On the other hand, the major steps towards maintaining your pump’s efficiency are: pumps should be correctly sized, well-lubricated, and used and operated with utmost care. One must also be observant of unusual trends in its operation and act on these immediately if spotted.
Like any other machine, presses and pumps, do heavy-duty works and must be in tip-top shape to efficiently operate and deliver quality outputs. For these machines to continually operate effectively, it is of great importance to religiously pay close attention to its proper maintenance and safekeeping.

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