The Best Super Mini Mills

A Super Mini Mill is a proven stipulation characterized by low cutting forces and high metal removal. It is a small CNC machine used in the milling industry that combines high spindle speeds with increased feed rates. This results in a high chip-forming rate and lower milling forces, producing an improved surface quality and closer tolerances.
In high speed milling, the electronics can make all the difference. The right super mini mill coupled with other elements of the control system will let it mill faster with a higher speed rate comparing with the normal milling machine.
Haas Automation’s Super Mini Mill has higher speeds and feeds, a 10,000 rev/min ISO 40-taper spindle, an 11,2kW vector drive system and a high-speed tool changer. It is the ideal machine for the type of drilling and tapping required by the electronics industry, or for high-speed contouring of graphite electrodes or small molds.
The Super Mini Mill runs on three-phase power, and features a 15-hp vector drive spindle that accepts standard 40-taper tooling. With cutting feed rates of up to 833 ipm, 1200-ipm rapids and 2.5-second tool changes, cycle times on the Super Mini Mill are kept to a minimum.
When Haas introduced the Mini Mill in 2000, it quickly became one of the best selling machines in the company’s history. Its combination of small footprint, full CNC capabilities and sub $3000 price were unheard of in the industry. The Super Mini Mill added even more capabilities, while maintaining the same compact footprint and affordability.
Now, Haas Automation has launched the Super Mini Mill 2 which is based on the Mini Mill 2. The Super Mini Mill 2 takes up little shop floor space yet provides a generous work envelope of 508 x 405 x 356 mm (xyz). It comes standard with a 10,000-rpm spindle, 30.5m/min rapids, 1 MB of program memory, rigid tapping and a high-speed tool changer. It also offers you an option to either go for a 20-pocket carousel tool changer or a 24+1 tool side-mount depending on your shop’s requirement.
Although the Super Mini Mill 2 has the same travel dimensions as that of the Sper Mini Mill, it boasts of higher speeds, feeds and more options. The spindle is capable of 10,000 rpm with an optional 15,000 rpm spindle, along with a 15-hp vector drive system, high-speed tool changer and 1,200-ipm rapids. Moreover, a coolant system and rigid tapping are likewise part of the package.
Like all of Haas CNC machines, the Super Mini Mill 2 features the same reliability and quality output especially when it comes to handling small-parts manufacturing. It is ideal for finishing work and cutting aluminum as well as providing enough low-end torque to cut steel.

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